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The MoArt Experience

With MoArt® you now have the power to upgrade your hotel, business, home, or real estate space with a click of a button. With this power comes a great opportunity to connect with your guests, your clientele, your customers and your family and friends. With the MoArt Experience you create the mood you want any time you want.
Access to the MoArt® Gallery is very simple. We create an account for you. You log-in to MoArt® signature online gallery. Create as many art-lists as you'd like. Your art-lists can be set-up to play at different times during the day or week or month. Click the "Display Now" button and your selections will display instantly on your Ultra High Definition (4k) digital canvas that we can install and maintain for you. You now have the power to change your art selections with a click of a button
We couldn't be more honored to host some of the most interesting and innovative artists to come out of the American Southwest and throughout the United States. Our team has a combined 50 years of experience in both visual arts and technology. We work closely with our artists and understand the detail involved in blending the space with the art and blending the art with technology. Tht is why MoArt® team of experienced curators and technicians will build and maintain the right art enviorment for your needs.

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