Need to send or bring something somewhere in the world?

Just sign in and post where and when you want to send an item
and we'll match you up with travelers going there.
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Earn money while you travel.

If you're travelling with extra space just post your next trip and become
available to carry items that match your route and time schedule.
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Our community is all about trust.

Our rating system allows you to see your carrier or traveler
profile and history, and check his online credentials.
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Our network is safe and secure.

We built Shipizy with several layers of security, from
communications to deliveries and payments.
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about shipizy

A trusted global marketplace

Shipizy is a trusted marketplace community that connects travelers with people with shipping needs all around the world.

A fast and easy process that offers an flexible alternative to the typical shipping companies by connecting people with shipping needs with travelers who are willing to carry an extra package in a exchange for a reward.

Who carry earn, who send save.

Helping create a better world

Through partners linked to humanitarian causes and charitable institutions we intend to promote the spirit of mutual aid on a global scale.

Situations where there is the need to ship goods and materials will be promoted on the platform, providing opportunities for travelers from around the world to become the missing link. No boundaries, no rewards, just for the joy of helping.

Shipizy is also an important response to the current environmental crisis by reusing means of transport and leveraging voids.

Your packages anywhere, anytime

Want to send something to your cousin who lives across town or to your friend who lives in another country without the usual expensive fees? Do you have free space on your luggage and want to make some extra cash?

We realized we could match both, travellers and senders, to create a way of helping each other with advantages for all involved.

Shipizy not interfere with the proposed and accepted rewards among senders and travelers, however we will take a small fee if they opt to use our multiple security options, insurance cover, and payment protection process.

Reliable network with new friends

How many times have you lost the opportunity to send the perfect gift to someone, simply because the available shipping options doesn't suit your needs? Wouldn't it be great if you have at your disposal a global network of carriers, willing to transport your packages to anyplace in the world?
With Shipizy you will be connected to people travelling everywhere at anytime, and be able to choose the one that best suits your shipping needs!

Remember: Safety first! Check the user profile, his history and rating and choose the one who best fit your needs.

Painless shipping, great experience

Our resources of trust and security allow users to make informed choices when they have to decide, but if the unexpected happens we are backed by one of the largest insurance companies in the world

We believe people are good by nature and that our users deserve peace of mind. Property damage is very rare but in case of an occurrence, the insurance guarantee will be ready to cover the expenses.

Shipizy is a network made by people for people, but at the end the users are the ones who choose who they want to share the experience, we'll just make it happen.


How it works


Trust & Safety

Is it secure? We built Shipizy with several layers of security so the process can be trustworth and safe.

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We also suggest some safety guidelines for users to follow to ensure safe, friendly, and sucessful exchanges.
However, ultimately it's up to the users to follow the guidelines to minimize the risk for a bad exchange.